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Dubai Municipality installs solar panel cleaning robots of Man Energy in Khazan Park.

Photovoltaic Cleaning Robot

Dust and hot spot defects on the PV module panel seriously affect the power generation efficiency of PV power plants. PV operation and maintenance robot uses the frame of the PV power panel as orbit track, automatically cleans the dust on the assembly panel with ultra-flexible nylon brush, and helps the panel to maintain the maximum amount of power generation. Robots are connected with each other through wireless network and by leveraging the intelligent operation and maintenance software platform, robots can be linked with the power station operating system and the meteorological system to realize the complete operation and maintenance automation for PV power plants.

Key Advantages

Water Free

Fully automatic


Reliable Bridging

Secured Locking

Remote Control

Weather Intelligence

Cloud Based Data

Crossing Capacity

Long battery life


IoT Network

Intelligent waterless cleaning

The ultra-flexible nylon spiral cleaning brush design can quickly remove the Dust on the panel, and at the same time effectively protect the photovoltaic module panel glass from being scratched. The high-speed motor independently drives the cleaning brush, adjust the brush speed from 0 to 180 rpm depending on the type of dust and the weather condition, which aims to optimize the cleaning effect to the greatest extent.

Array temperature scanning

The robot can be equipped with an array temperature scanning module, which can perform high-speed temperature scanning on the PV module panel during the robot cleaning process. Through real-time data analysis, robot can quickly locate the hot spot defect position and automatically prompt the alarm on the control system platform through wireless communication.

Centralized control system data interaction interface

The operation and maintenance platform interacts with the weather station. Robots can automatically change the operation mode under abnormal weather. For example, in a windy day, the robot will automatically postpone the cleaning task.The robot operation and maintenance system reserves an external data interface, which can seamlessly Interface that can with the ERP, SCADA and other centralized control systems of the power station.